Long term Rentals Guide

If you decide to rent a Long term property in Cyprus, you will be required to pay a cash breakage deposit equal to one months rental. This breakage deposit is kept be the landlord and is returned to you when you deliver back the property in the same condition, and with the inventory being satisfactory as it was in at the start of the Tenancy.

The breakage deposit cannot be used as a rental payment, in particular during the final month of your tenancy, the deposit is to cover cleaning, damage or missing furniture or fittings, or for any missing or late payment charges during the property tenancy. The breakage deposit does not gain any interest for you, while held by the landlord.

We will provide a Tenancy Agreement which gives you, the tenant, legal rights, along with the same for the landlord according to Cyprus Accommodation Law. You must however be fully knowledgeable with the requirements of the tenancy agreement and be aware that failure to follow the tenancy agreement terms and conditions and pay the agreed rent on the dates agreed will put at risk your rights to stay in the property. The agreements have been approved by a solicitor, and are a legal document.

Domestic electricity is 240 V AC, 50Hz. Plugs used are the British-type 13 amp 3 flat pin.

Registration with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus or at local customer service centers is necessary to get electricity connected/turned on. Sometimes, the landlord will do this and charge the renter according to meter usage. Online bill payment directly with the Electricity Authority of Cyprus is also possible.

Cyta / PrimeTel / Cablenet / Epic provide telephone, Internet (and broadband), mobile telephone and digital TV services.

Typically, the landlord will pay for water. This expense may be forwarded to the tenant.

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